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Tees Maar Khan: A Bollywood Comedy Movie with a Twist of Crime and Romance

Tees Maar Khan Full Movie 720p 14: A Review

If you are looking for a fun-filled Bollywood comedy movie with a touch of crime, romance, and action, then Tees Maar Khan might be the perfect choice for you. Tees Maar Khan is a 2010 Hindi-language heist comedy film directed by Farah Khan and starring Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif, Akshaye Khanna, and others. The movie was released on December 24, 2010 and received mixed reviews from critics and audiences. However, it was a commercial success at the box office, grossing over 100 crore worldwide. In this article, we will review Tees Maar Khan full movie 720p 14 and tell you everything you need to know about it. We will also tell you how to watch Tees Maar Khan online legally and safely. So, let's get started!

tees maar khan full movie 720p 14


What is Tees Maar Khan?

Tees Maar Khan is a Hindi slang term that literally means "a person who kills with his eyes". It is used to describe someone who is very clever, cunning, and charismatic. It is also the name of the main protagonist of the movie, Tabrez Khan, who is a notorious con artist and thief. He is also known as Tees Maar Khan by his fans and foes alike.

The term Tees Maar Khan has its origin in the Mughal era, when a Persian poet named Amir Khusrow used it to praise his patron Sultan Alauddin Khilji. He wrote a couplet that said:

Tees maar khan hai tu, Alauddin Khilji

You are a person who kills with his eyes, Alauddin Khilji

The term became popular in Indian culture and cinema over the years, and has been used in many songs, dialogues, and titles. For example, there is a song called "Tees Maar Khan" in the 1963 movie Bluff Master, sung by Kishore Kumar. There is also a 1988 movie called Teesra Kaun?, which is a remake of the 1974 Hollywood movie The Taking of Pelham One Two Three. The movie features a character named Teesra Kaun (meaning "the third unknown"), who is also referred to as Tees Maar Khan by the police.

Tees Maar Khan is also the name of a comic book series created by Anant Pai, the founder of Amar Chitra Katha. The series features a fictional character named Tees Maar Khan, who is a master of disguise and deception. He uses his skills to help the poor and needy against the corrupt and powerful.

Who are the main characters of Tees Maar Khan?

Tabrez Khan aka Tees Maar Khan

Tabrez Khan, played by Akshay Kumar, is the protagonist of the movie. He is a smart, witty, and charming con artist and thief who can pull off any heist with his clever schemes and disguises. He is also very confident and fearless, as he claims that he has never been caught by the police in his life. He is married to Anya Khan, an aspiring actress who loves him dearly. He also has two loyal sidekicks named Dollar Chaddha and Jignesh Patel aka Jiggy.

Anya Khan

Anya Khan, played by Katrina Kaif, is the female lead of the movie. She is a beautiful, naive, and bubbly actress who dreams of becoming a superstar in Bollywood. She is madly in love with Tabrez Khan, whom she calls TMK. She supports him in all his endeavors and believes that he is a film director. She is unaware of his true profession and identity.

Aatish Kapoor

Aatish Kapoor, played by Akshaye Khanna, is the antagonist of the movie. He is a self-obsessed and arrogant actor who thinks that he is the best in the industry. He has won many awards for his performances but has never been able to win an Oscar. He is desperate to achieve international fame and recognition. He agrees to work in Tabrez Khan's fake film project called Bharat Ka Khazana (meaning "India's Treasure"), which is actually a cover for Tabrez's plan to rob a train carrying antiques.

Dollar Chaddha

Dollar Chaddha, played by Raghu Ram, is one of Tabrez Khan's accomplices. He is a greedy and cunning man who always wears sunglasses and carries a briefcase full of money. He helps Tabrez in planning and executing his heists. He also acts as Tabrez's manager and negotiates deals with clients.

Jignesh Patel aka Jiggy

Jignesh Patel aka Jiggy, played by Rajiv Laxman, is another one of Tabrez Khan's accomplices. He is a loyal and funny man who always wears a cap and carries a laptop. He helps Tabrez in hacking and cracking security systems and codes. He also acts as Tabrez's assistant and handles technical aspects of his heists.

What is the plot of Tees Maar Khan?

The plot of Tees Maar Khan revolves around Tabrez Khan's plan to rob a train carrying antiques worth 500 crore. The train belongs to the British government and is on its way to Delhi from Mumbai. The antiques are part of India's heritage and history, and are being returned to India after 60 years of independence.

Tabrez Khan gets hired by the Johri brothers, who are international smugglers and collectors of antiques. They offer him 100 crore for the job, which Tabrez accepts. However, he faces a challenge when he learns that the train is heavily guarded by the Indian Railways Protection Force (IRPF), led by Inspector Dhurinder Singh.

Tabrez Khan comes up with a brilliant idea to fool the IRPF and rob the train. He decides to make a fake film project called Bharat Ka Khazana, which is supposed to be a patriotic drama about India's freedom struggle. He hires Aatish Kapoor, a famous actor who wants to win an Oscar, as the lead actor of the film. He also casts his wife Anya Khan as the lead actress, and several villagers from Dhulia village as extras.

Tabrez Khan convinces Inspector Dhurinder Singh that he has permission from the government to shoot his film on the railway track. He also bribes him with money and gifts. He then sets up his film crew and equipment near the railway track, and waits for the train to arrive.

On the day of the heist, Tabrez Khan executes his plan with precision and timing. He uses his disguises, gadgets, and tricks to distract and deceive the IRPF and the train staff. He also uses Aatish Kapoor's ego and Anya Khan's innocence to manipulate them into doing what he wants. He manages to rob the train without anyone noticing, and escapes with the antiques in his truck.

However, Tabrez Khan faces some unexpected twists and turns in his journey. He realizes that he has been betrayed by one of his accomplices, who has informed the police about his whereabouts. He also realizes that he has fallen in love with his wife Anya Khan, who has discovered his true identity and profession. He also realizes that he has become a hero in the eyes of the villagers, who have mistaken his film project for a real patriotic mission.

How will Tabrez Khan deal with these situations? Will he be able to keep the antiques and the money? Will he be able to win back his wife's trust and love? Will he be able to escape from the police and the Johri brothers? Will he be able to live up to his name as Tees Maar Khan? To find out, you have to watch Tees Maar Khan full movie 720p 14 online!

What are the themes of Tees Maar Khan?


One of the main themes of Tees Maar Khan is comedy. The movie is full of humorous scenes, dialogues, and situations that make you laugh out loud. The movie uses various forms of comedy such as humor, satire, irony, and parody to create entertainment and amusement for the viewers.

For example, the movie parodies many Bollywood cliches and stereotypes, such as item songs, melodramatic dialogues, unrealistic action sequences, and over-the-top characters. The movie also satirizes many aspects of Indian society and culture, such as corruption, superstition, patriotism, and media. The movie also uses irony to create contrast between what is expected and what actually happens, such as when Tabrez Khan robs a train while pretending to make a film about India's freedom struggle.


Another theme of Tees Maar Khan is crime. The movie is based on a heist plot, where Tabrez Khan plans to rob a train carrying antiques worth 500 crore. The movie shows how Tabrez Khan uses his intelligence, creativity, and skills to pull off his heist without getting caught by the police or his enemies.

The movie also explores the motives and consequences of crime, such as greed, power, fame, revenge, justice, and love. The movie shows how crime affects not only the criminals but also their families, friends, victims, and society at large.


A third theme of Tees Maar Khan is romance. The movie depicts the love story between Tabrez Khan and Anya Khan, who are married but have different goals and aspirations. The movie shows how their relationship evolves from being based on lies and deception to being based on trust and love.

The movie also shows how romance influences the decisions and actions of the characters, such as when Tabrez Khan decides to rob the train to fulfill his wife's dream of becoming a superstar, or when Anya Khan decides to forgive her husband for his crimes and support him in his escape.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of Tees Maar Khan?


Some of the strengths of Tees Maar Khan are:

  • Acting performance: The movie features some talented and popular actors who deliver their roles with flair and charisma. Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif, Akshaye Khanna, and others showcase their acting skills and comic timing in the movie.