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Inter - FC Porto

On this field of play the pupils of Rui Barros have put into practice the methodology also used in the International Soccer Academy of Soccer Inter-Action and in the Football School FC Porto Dragon Force Valencia-Enguera. This has made it possible for the players of SIA Academy and the young Stars of the School to share space, time and advice from professional players, who have also interacted with them through Clinics.

Inter - FC Porto

Eustáquio is much more than a goalscorer though. He was a standout player at home against Leverkusen, doing much of the dirty work in a 2-0 win. He had one shot on target but was busy defensively, recording four tackles, four interceptions and two clearances.

Quaresma was erroneously quoted by media outlets as being the great-nephew of former Portugal international footballers Alfredo Quaresma and Artur Quaresma[95][96] but later denied this, nonetheless citing them as "an inspiration".[97] 041b061a72


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